Vidar Nelson

You can also find my games at

Most of these were made for the Ludum Dare 48 hour game jam compo

A short puzzle game about founding cities
Power signature
Tactical asteroid mining
The spookiest night
A cute puzzle adventure in a haunted house
Mail Owl
A cozy puzzle adventure about delivering mail
Coffee rogue
Cozy coffee shop simulation
The grand harvest championship (I must win)
A colorful card game with magical crops
Power Surge 51
A puzzly colony builder in space
Explore an underwater cave
Galaxy Hopper
On a space ship, something's always breaking
Tiny Heart
Help Mimmi find her friend
A modular software synthesizer

Hi! I'm Vidar [he/him]. I like programming and making art, so game development is the perfect hobby for me :)

I also work as the Technical Director at VINTR

You can reach me at